Additive Manufacturing Solutions for the Aerospace industry

From an holistic approach

At 3Du, we aim to create optimized parts and tooling for the aerospace industry. We look for pioneering and valuable applications for AM technologies as well as we work together with aerospace companies to review their processes and products portfolio- with the objective to maximise the benefits that such innovative technologies could yield.

We go through the full change process with an open mind regarding technology - our research and advisory services are constantly scoping for AM innovations and new players so we can select and develop the most adequate solution and sustainable ecosystem for every specific challenge.

Business and technology analysis - achieve success understanding the impact and benefits of the change.

    Connected to the ecosystem - build the most valuable solution with the right experts and partners.

    Change your products and change your processes - take the journey to a business model transformation.

    Aerospace and manufacturing expertise - understanding the way aerospace could exploit the advantages of AM technologies.

Developing engineering solutions for the aerospace industry using additive manufacturing technologies

From selecting the part that will most benefit from AM technologies to assessing the most adequate combination of materials, technologies and post-processing options. All supported by financial, risk and supply chain analysis.

Design & Engineering

Conceptualization and optimization of parts. Change your products or processes to achieve your objectives – from lowering the weight to process improvement.

Manufacturing Services

From the broad spectrum of printer manufacturers & services bureaus, what to choose? Let us help to build your most adequate solution for the production.

Change your Products to change your business
Final parts

Discover with us how and which parts could be optimised and manufactured using AM technologies - we are talking about aerospace ready-to-fly parts.


Optimize your tools and improve your processes - from complex geometries to enhanced performance and all-in-one tools. Let's talk about your jigs, fixtures and molds.

Our team - we are collaborative
Agnes Rosell


Engineer and MBA. More than 15 years experience in IT, Airlines management and Business Transformation. Passionate about change and the aerospace industry.

Cristina Martín


Aerospace engineer with more than 15 years experience in R&D, operations and project management. Passionate about 3D printing and aeronautical and space subjects.

The ecosystem


From space technologist advisors to AM, industrial and mechanical designers and engineers – and of course our costumers – we count on experts from each area to develop our solutions on a project based methodology.